Steam Powered Pinky offers bracelets in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. How do you know which size fits you?

The best way to find out is to go to any jewelry retailer and try on different bracelet lengths. If you have to measure your size without a bracelet, you can measure your wrist using a measuring tape.

The bracelet must not be too tight, as there needs to be room for charms, but it must not be too loose or it may slide off your hand.

A good way to determine the correct bracelet length is that you should be able to put a finger between your wrist and the bracelet.

Measure the distance around your wrist.

A simple way to do this is:

  1. Wrap a piece of string or a paper strip around the narrow part of your wrist.
  2. Mark where the string or paper overlaps to form a complete circle.
  3. Measure the length of the string or paper to where the marked overlap is indicated. Add 0.5″ – 1.0″ to allow for some free room according to personal preference.
  4. Compare your measurement with the chart below to determine your bracelet size.

What Next?

Compare the length of your wrist to the measurements of the bracelet sizes:

  1. Small (for wrists 6″ – 6 1/2″)
  2. Medium (for wrists 6 1/2″ – 7.0″)
  3. Large (for wrists 7.0″ –  7 1/2″)
  4. X-Large (for wrists 7 1/2″ – 8″)

These bracelets are designed to be adjusted to fit up to 1/2″ larger or smaller.

If you want to be certain!

  1. Cut a strip of paper no wider than 1/4″.
  2. Wrap the paper snugly around your wrist and mark the paper where the two ends meet.
  3. Measure the marked length of paper and send the measurement to us when placing your order, we will be sure to send you the proper size!